Vanderbilt Tomb


Vanderbilt Tomb is located on Staten Island on the bottom of Todt Hill in Moravian Cemetery, which encompasses 113 acres of numerous lakes, hills and valleys. Cornelius Vanderbilt, one of the richest American's of all time, donated eight and a half acres to Moravian Cemetery and his son William Henry Vanderbilt would later donate four more acres. The tomb was constructed by William and designed and built by Richard Morris Hunt, a famous nineteenth century architect. The tomb was built between 1885 to 1886, is three stories tall and a replica of a Romanesque church in Artes, France.

In the tomb lies Cornelius and seven other family members. The section of the cemetery containing the tomb is closed to the public behind a large iron gate.

Tragedy and accidents have said to be common around the tomb and a woman was once killed while trying to open the gate when it fell on her, killing her instantly.

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It has been reported that a strange light in the shape of a woman, presumably the one killed by the gate was been seen. Also, a man in a gray suit, said to be Cornelius himself has been known to chase trespasser from his final resting place.

The strangest and most widely reported occurrence is that if you take a picture in front of the tomb people vanish from the photo and at times random people appear in the photo.

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