The Bedell Ghost


bedell 4A short distance from the Conference House off of Hylan Blvd is Bedell Ave. Growing up on Staten Island every teenager knew about the Bedell ghost. The story goes that if you drive down the wooded avenue at night and turned off your headlights you could see a ghost hanging from the trees. If anyone approached the apparition the figure would disappear. The story also went if you drove down the street at night and turned off your head lights a crazy gun toting maniac would try to kill you. I always assumed the maniac in the later stories was the person who lived there sick of teenagers flashing their headlights at his house. I also doubt he had a gun, but who knows.


Alas, in the last few years the dead end street has been opened up and after the haunted woods there are now mansions. Most people think the ghost is/was an optical illusion created by a street light and the gullibility of scared/drunk/stoned teenagers.

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