The Conference House

The Conference House  Conference House

 Conference House Park is in Tottenville at the end of Hylan Blvd. by the southern most part of New York State. The park sits on the largest Lenape Indian burial ground in New York City called Burial Ridge. Burial Ridge lays unmarked within the cliffs that over look the Raritan Bay off the beach in the park.

In 1676, a English Royal Navy officer , Christopher Billop, was granted the area and before 1680 built the Bentley Manor, which is now called the Conference House.

September 11, 1776 Lord William Howe met with Benjamin Franklin, Edward Rutledge, and John Adams at the Bentley Manor in a failed meeting over a peace treaty the Revolutionary War.

In 1927 the Conference House Association was formed to preserve the by then deteriorating manor. The Conference House was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966.



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It is said that Christopher Billop killed his maid by stabbing her on the top of the staircase or by throwing her down the stairs after catching her signaling to the Americans. There are still reports that at night you can see the light of her candle in one of the windows.

Another story about Billop is that he abandoned his fiance and she died of a broken heart within the house. Her calls and pleas can be still heard thru out the house.

There are escape tunnels that run under the house to the beach.

There are also reports of the ghosts of British soldiers inside the house and on park grounds, also reports of the ghosts of men, women, children and Indians are said to wander the park at night.

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Conference House Park
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