Parents House, Great Kills Staten Island

Great Kills, Staten Island

    My Parents house.



        The house was built around 1968 in Great Kills, my family moved there in 1982 when I was five years old.  To my families knowledge no one has ever died there, it's not built on an indian burial ground, actually nothing exceptionally noteworthy ever happened there before we moved in. 


       When I was about eight or nine, my friends and I were playing in the side yard of the house that was surrounded by bushes.  When got dark outside we went to another friends house around the corner.  As we got there my friend realized he had forgotten his jacket in the grass next to the bushes so I went to go get it.  As I came upon the jacket, something was sitting on it.  Thinking it was I cat I tried to move it with my foot, the thing stood up and smiled at me.  It was about two feet tall and I could see the whites of its teeth as it grinned, the rest was a dark humanoid outline.  I ran back to my friends house and when we came back we all saw it.  It vanished when we approached and never made a sound.  I don't remember this but my mother tells me a was afraid to leave the house after that for the rest of the summer.  My father would later confide in me that he had seen something similar days later in the driveway when he was coming home from work.  Till this day I hate even looking at that area of the yard.


        A few years later I remember getting poked and tapped on my legs while sleeping, waking up thinking it was my brother only to find him asleep.  As I became older things would get worse, I would wake up to see a large dark figure standing at the foot of my bed staring at me.  I don't remember this but my family tells me I would wake up screaming and a few times would run out of the room, once found curled up in a ball in the hallway crying.  I don't know when this ended but it eventually did.


        My father told me he would hear people talking in his room through the vents but figured it was outside noise.  I would hear the sounds of someone playing pool in the basement, the balls rolling and hitting each other, when I would go to check who was playing the lights would be out and no one would be there.


        I moved out in my early twenties but the things in the house kept happening.  My father accidentally hurt himself while cleaning the heating system, the next year when he tried to clean it again against my mothers wishes, he says that a mist appeared next to him and he saw an old man's face that said "Does your wife know your doing this?"  My mother and brother who were outside said they heard my father screaming from the basement as he ran outside refusing to come back in the house.


        My family has always had pets and the ashes of one of the dogs is in my mothers room.  Both my mother and brother say they still hear the dog walking on the wood floor at night.


        From everything that happened in the house no one has ever had the feeling anything would ever harm us, even with the things that happened to me the scare came from the shock of seeing something that shouldn't be there and my age at the time. 


        Finally after begging to investigate the house my parents let me.  I started in the basement only using a voice recorder trying to see if I could catch the pool balls moving.  I found something but not what I was expecting.  This is an ongoing investigation.



  Here is the video I am working on, it is not finished.  Four months after the initial investigation I felt I had to post something.  




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