Farnsworth House Inn

The Farnsworth House Inn

Gettysburg March 2011

With all the “evidence” we had attained in Williamsburg Brooklyn Izzy and I decided to go to the Farnsworth. Izzy had been there previously while trying to make a documentary about the paranormal and wanted to try to get more footage. Izzy has really good clips from Nevada and also from the Farnsworth, both can usually be found on facebook under Paranormal Discoveries.

So now I did what any budding paranormal investigator would do, I went online and spent a crap load of money on stuff I don't even know works to find things that might not exist. 


It's been almost 10 months and I'm still going over the footage and have found some interesting things but I need to analysis it more. I wish I could do things quicker and the first two investigations have shown me things I have been doing wrong and also ways to make things easier to go over.

I should have some kind of audio or video up soon but I just wanted to share some incidents that went on before the cameras started rolling.


Izzy has two pairs of glasses for some reason and he put them on the dresser in the Sara Black room, we left the room and when we came back one of the glasses had moved to across the dresser.

We were sitting on the bed of the Sweeney room when someone started knock on the wall of the adjoining room, the Sara Black room. We know the Sara Black room was empty because that was Izzy's room and it was locked.

We heard a child laughing in the hallway.

At one point while doing our investigation it sounded like someone threw a bowling ball from the attic down the stairs to the first floor, the whole building shook.

And the last but not least I actually might have seen a full body apparition of a women in the bathroom of the Sweeney room. It happened in less then a second and no matter what I tried I couldn't reproduce anything that looked remotely like a women in the bathroom again.


In upcoming footage I might have a shadow of a person ducking and running behind me in the attic, also a shadow running down the staircase away from me on the second floor outside the Sweeney room. I'll try to get them up as soon as possible.

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