Farnsworth Photos

During Izzy's first trip to the Farnsworth, he took I series of photos in the Sara Black room.  In the first photo you can see an orb in front of the white dress.  The next photos taken, one after another show what might be a ghost standing behind the bed in front of the closet.  The last photo appears as if the ghost disappeared.  Also, right before the pictures were taken, the person investigating with Izzy thought he saw a child run to the closet.  Please leave comments.

Sara Black room, orb infront of dress.


Sara Black room, something standing at the end of bed.


Sara Black room, something standing behind bed.


Sara Black room, thing disappears

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  • Dznylvr2005

    Posted at 2012-03-15 11:13:34

    In the orb it looks like a face with a moustache and hat

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  • Christian

    Posted at 2012-02-16 03:47:02

    In the first picture, if you zoom in on the orb, you can see what looks like a face.

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