Farnsworth House Inn

The Farnsworth House Inn

Gettysburg March 2011

With all the “evidence” we had attained in Williamsburg Brooklyn Izzy and I decided to go to the Farnsworth. Izzy had been there previously while trying to make a documentary about the paranormal and wanted to try to get more footage. Izzy has really good clips from Nevada and also from the Farnsworth, both can usually be found on facebook under Paranormal Discoveries.

So now I did what any budding paranormal investigator would do, I went online and spent a crap load of money on stuff I don't even know works to find things that might not exist. 

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Farnsworth Photos

During Izzy's first trip to the Farnsworth, he took I series of photos in the Sara Black room.  In the first photo you can see an orb in front of the white dress.  The next photos taken, one after another show what might be a ghost standing behind the bed in front of the closet.  The last photo appears as if the ghost disappeared.  Also, right before the pictures were taken, the person investigating with Izzy thought he saw a child run to the closet.  Please leave comments.

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Farnsworth Video

Footage of the unexplained at the Farnsworth House.

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