Clinton Road

 dead mans curve    Clinton Road is a 10 mile two lane stretch of road in West Milford, New Jersey that runs from Route 23 to Upper Greenwood Lake.  The road is surrounded by state owned forest and runs along the Clinton Reservoir.  It is filled with hills and curves, the worst, Dead Man's Curve at the tip of the Clinton Reservoir is almost 90*.  The isolated unlit road is said to be one of the most haunted roads in the country.


     There are stories of the ghost of a boy who died and still resides by the bridge at Dead Man's Curve.  If someone leaves a quarter on the double yellow line of the road or throws a quarter off the bridge the boy is said to return it to it's owner.  Also, if someone looks over the side of the bridge while a car is coming the boy is said to push that person into the water.


     Strange animals have been seen along the road, everything from hell hounds, monkeys to the jersey devil. Some say the animals are from a zoo, Jungle Habitat that closed in 1976 and let their animals roam loose.


     There is also the ghost of a girl driving a Camaro who dead in a crash in the 1980's.  It is said just mentioning her causes her appearance.


     But the most terrifying might be the phantom truck that at night manifests behinds cars then chases them at high speeds across the dark winding road just to vanish near the roads end.






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  • Israel Flores

    Posted at 2012-03-13 19:32:06

    An awesome time spent out on "Clinton Road."

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