Williamsburg Brooklyn

Williamsburg Brooklyn November 2010

           The first investigation 

In November of 2010 a friend of mine, Izzy, asked me to go on a ghost hunt with him at a coworker's niece's apartment. Apparently, things would slide off the kitchen table, cabinets would open and close, and an apparition of a man was seen it both bedrooms. It was to the point that two small children in the apartment didn't want to sleep in their bedroom because they saw a man in their room at night. Being interested in the paranormal, I decided to go and having a young daughter myself I wanted to see if I could help the two children getting nightly visits.

To be honest, beside a scream I heard over my shoulder in the kitchen when we first got there , a few bumps, bangs and rattling, nothing much happened. After the scream that happened right away, the apartment felt very comfortable. We felt like nothing was going to happen and left a little early. I didn't expect to find anything on the audio/video but did find some things I couldn't explain.



I have edited the original video that was almost 9 minutes long to a little over two minutes.  I do not claim that any of this is the work of ghosts, just things I can't explain after going over 10 hours of audio and video.

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  • Valarie Merillo

    Posted at 2012-01-17 01:13:32

    I def saw the orbs & heard smoke.Good video

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