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Haunted Staten Island is devoted to the history, urban legends and paranormal of Staten Island and beyond. I'm trying to update the site as much as possible and if anyone has suggestions to make the site better or places to include please leave comments.


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Conference House Path
Everyone Tomb
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HSI Blog

  Blog and media about investigations and the behind the scenes of making this site. 



 Willowbrook State School  

      One of the worst homes for mentally handicapped children, so bad it made New York State reform laws on the handling of the mentally challenged.    

Seaview Hospital and the New York Farm Colony

      A relic of the time of the tuberculosis epidemic, built near the old Staten Island potters field where many abandoned buildings still sit and rot till this day.     

Vanderbilt Tomb

     A huge tomb containing one of the richest men in American history, some say he still roams chasing trespassers away.

The Bedell Ghost

     A dark wooded street where at night a misty apparition roams.     

The Conference House

     Built near an ancient Indian burial ground and known for a failed attempt to end the revolutionary war, this might be one of the most haunted places in America.



Parents House, Great Kills, Staten Island

      The investigation of the house I grew up in.  

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York 

     My first investigation with video containing the unexplained.

Farnsworth House Inn 

     Famous landmark in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania  that is said to contain numerous spirits.

Clinton Road

     One of the scariest roads in the country, with sightings ranging from ghostly vehicles to the Jersey Devil.

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