Update 02/27/13

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post an update, sorry its been awhile.  I have many things planned in the coming months and if everything goes as planned there will be a few updates soon.

Izzy and I have been given permission to investigate a historic cemetery, we just still need to work out the details.

I am planning an investigation of the house I grew up in on Staten Island.

We are also in the planning stages of another trip to the Farnsworth House Inn.

The last investigation is a Staten Island residence where the tenants have things move, their names called and have seen shadows and figures.

Thank you,


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  • Eric Christiano

    Posted at 2013-06-03 17:59:20

    Hello, My name is Eric i live on Staten island i have actual evidence of a ghost/alien i call it "rock monster" and also a orb that floats around 2 people sleeping and i promise it's like nothing you have ever seen before in your life. why this all happened to me? i can't answer that. write back

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