About Haunted Staten Island

Why did I start Haunted Staten Island? 

In November of 2010 I was invited by a coworker , Izzy, to do a paranormal investigation of another coworkers apartment. Izzy had previously traveled to Nevada and started a documentary on ghost investigations, having seen his footage I was very interested in going. I had always a strong interest in the paranormal and was curious to see if there was anything to all the stories I had heard growing up.

The investigation took place in Williamsburg Brooklyn and consisted of us sitting in a dark apartment calling out to the unknown undead residence. A description of the investigation and a video of the evidence found can be found under the investigation page.

After Brooklyn, we planned a trip to the Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg. This was in March of 2011 and even after a year I'm still going over the footage and audio of that trip. I have some notes from the trip and will post hopefully a better edited video of anything caught under the investigation page.

So, now some friends I grew with on Staten Island heard my stories of sitting in the dark and hearing growls, laughs, footsteps and seeing things I can't quite explain, and now wanted to go to the Farnsworth with me. Between work, family and other commitments Izzy and I couldn't get a date down, so I decided to look for a more local place I could go with my friends. Checking on the internet led me to a treasure trove of haunted places coming up right in my backyard, the Conference House, Snug Harbor, Vanderbilt's tomb, Richmond Town, among others. Growing up on Staten Island we always had stories of ghosts in local cemeteries, satanists in the surrounding woods, cursed Indian burial grounds and other urban legends; these were perfect to investigate.

With all this information I decide to try to make this website (my first one) to see if there is anything to all the stories floating around since my childhood. I'm hoping for a place were like minded people can share experiences and stories about the weird happenings on this island. From there I plan on investigating as many as I can to see if maybe there might be some truth to some of these stories.

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  • michael

    Posted at 2012-01-01 20:15:30

    Website looks great buddy, I would love to come on a ride with you

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