Update 02/27/13

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post an update, sorry its been awhile.  I have many things planned in the coming months and if everything goes as planned there will be a few updates soon.

Izzy and I have been given permission to investigate a historic cemetery, we just still need to work out the details.

I am planning an investigation of the house I grew up in on Staten Island.

We are also in the planning stages of another trip to the Farnsworth House Inn.

The last investigation is a Staten Island residence where the tenants have things move, their names called and have seen shadows and figures.

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Williamsburg Brooklyn

Williamsburg Brooklyn November 2010

           The first investigation 

In November of 2010 a friend of mine, Izzy, asked me to go on a ghost hunt with him at a coworker's niece's apartment. Apparently, things would slide off the kitchen table, cabinets would open and close, and an apparition of a man was seen it both bedrooms. It was to the point that two small children in the apartment didn't want to sleep in their bedroom because they saw a man in their room at night. Being interested in the paranormal, I decided to go and having a young daughter myself I wanted to see if I could help the two children getting nightly visits.

To be honest, beside a scream I heard over my shoulder in the kitchen when we first got there , a few bumps, bangs and rattling, nothing much happened. After the scream that happened right away, the apartment felt very comfortable. We felt like nothing was going to happen and left a little early. I didn't expect to find anything on the audio/video but did find some things I couldn't explain.

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Farnsworth House Inn

The Farnsworth House Inn

Gettysburg March 2011

With all the “evidence” we had attained in Williamsburg Brooklyn Izzy and I decided to go to the Farnsworth. Izzy had been there previously while trying to make a documentary about the paranormal and wanted to try to get more footage. Izzy has really good clips from Nevada and also from the Farnsworth, both can usually be found on facebook under Paranormal Discoveries.

So now I did what any budding paranormal investigator would do, I went online and spent a crap load of money on stuff I don't even know works to find things that might not exist. 

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About Haunted Staten Island

Why did I start Haunted Staten Island? 

In November of 2010 I was invited by a coworker , Izzy, to do a paranormal investigation of another coworkers apartment. Izzy had previously traveled to Nevada and started a documentary on ghost investigations, having seen his footage I was very interested in going. I had always a strong interest in the paranormal and was curious to see if there was anything to all the stories I had heard growing up.

The investigation took place in Williamsburg Brooklyn and consisted of us sitting in a dark apartment calling out to the unknown undead residence. A description of the investigation and a video of the evidence found can be found under the investigation page.

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